About Us

Beacon is one of the trusted names in quality education in the PCMC area. It is also known for its commitment to excellence. Beacon is affiliated to CBSE, Delhi and offering schooling from Nursery to class XI, soon going up to class XII. Beacon offers various facilities to keep its students’ pace with the world. The school focuses on holistic development of its students by nurturing their unique talents.

It was a brainchild of Mrs. Geeta Arora and was then ably led forward by Mrs. Monica Arora who aspires to take it to the pinnacle of success by harnessing the skills and expertise of the students so that they leave a mark in every field they tread upon. 

With this aim in view, Beacon High School works towards the holistic development of the children by fostering an all-round developed personality to help them to mature as responsible and socially aware individuals with a multi-faceted approach towards life. 

Beacon High School uses modern techniques to impart knowledge.  At BHS, children learn together as a collaborative environment is the most fertile one for learning to grow. 

The pillars of the school are-

Shri Yogesh Behl                 Chairman

Shri Rahul Arora                 Secretary & Treasurer

Smt. Monica Arora              Director

Smt. Geeta Arora                 Trustee

Smt. Kavita Behl                  Trustee

Smt. Nilima Behl                  Trustee



  • World Class infrastructure with smart class & e-learning facility.
  • Dedicated subject labs (Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Math Lab).
  • Dedicated rooms for training in music, dance, instruments, art & craft.
  • Full-time counsellor for students &well trained and qualified staff.
  • Medical facilities and Infirmary in School campus.
  • Fully functional & state of the art computer labs.
  • Well-equipped & exquisite Library with an array of reading material.
  • A large sports ground and indoor play area.



  • Trained faculty specializing in sports 
  • Teacher-led instructional support & reading with children who need extra help
  • Events- interclass, inter-house, inter-school, ZP, Nationals
  • Regular Community outreach programs.


  • To employ well qualified staff for the overall development of the students.
  • To provide a comfortable and safe environment to all stakeholders.
  • To provide safe transportation facility to the students
  • To enhance skill development in students.
  • To stimulate a congenial learning atmosphere.
  • To nurture a love for teaching & learning in teachers and students.
  • To handle all complaints and queries with an understanding attitude.
  • To ensure the enrichment of teachers and students through workshops and trainings.
  • No taking of tuitions by any staff member for the school students.


  • No admission will be considered until all the requirements are fully met.
  • Parents/Guardians to abide by the rules and regulations of the School as made from time to time.
  • A transfer certificate from a recognized school will be required when admission is granted to class II and above.
  • If a student has come from a different State, the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the appropriate Inspector concerned. Only a Transfer Certificate from a recognized school is accepted. If a student has come from a different country, the Transfer Certificate must be countersigned by the appropriate officer of the Indian Embassy/Consulate in that country concerned. 
  • If a Transfer Certificate is delayed as a result of being sent for counter signature, a provisional certificate from the previous school may be submitted. Admissions granted will be provisional till a proper Transfer Certificate, duly signed and stamped by the appropriate authority, is submitted.
  • When a child is admitted on a Transfer Certificate he will not be placed in a class higher than that which the Transfer Certificate shows him to be qualified in the appropriate month of the particular year. He will not be promoted before the end of the school year. 
  • Admission will only be confirmed on payment of the first instalment. 
  • Age limit for admission to classes will be strictly adhered to.